Obama’s Five Years

Kaustav Mitra

Newtown, CT


5 years ago we elected a man who told us that there will be change. That the government is out to help us Americans; and that the government would not abuse its power and is solely being used to look out for us. Sadly instead of helping us it seems that Obama has gone back on his promises and is hurting us. Let’s start from the beginning. One of the earliest promises Obama had made for us was shutting down Guantanamo bay. 5 years later and where are we now? Obama continues to repeat that he will shut down Guantanamo Bay but he never actually has been doing it. It seems that every time there is an election season he continues to repeat this false promise, but he will never do it. However that can’t all be blamed on Obama can it? Let’s move on to some problems that were created by Obama alone. Do you remember a long time ago there was another major scandal that rocked the Obama administration, one that we have forgotten about now, the gun runners? It was called operation Fast and Furious, it seems even the Obama administration has a sense of humor, and it was used to find Mexican drug dealers, by giving them guns. Yes, that was a perfectly good idea; give the dangerous drug lords, even more things to kill people with. This is one of the numerous scandals the Obama administration has faced, ranging from having the IRS targeting republicans to spying on Americans with PRISM, which was recently uncovered by Snowden. Through all of these scandals, we have to look back and evaluate Obama as a president. Is he a good president? Was it worth it reelecting him? Sure he may have helped the economy, and sure he may have pushed forward on gay and gun rights, but is that the mark of a good president? He would rather spy on you to prevent terror, than use the billions of dollars at his disposal to stop terrorists. He wants to turn your internet against you, he wants to use the drones that are supposed to be killing terrorists into monitors on the American public. He wants to use all the technology at his disposal not to fight the external threat of terrorism, but the internal threat that we might realize just how badly we are being fooled. He does not want us to realize that for all the freedoms he is supposedly giving us, he is taking twice as many away. He is using the new technology that was supposed to revolutionize and change the world for the better, to spy on us, the people who elected him. He is spying on Democrats and Republicans alike. However, he is starting to punish people for their political beliefs, he is using the IRS to target political parties to prevent them from applying for tax-exemption. He is persecuting people for their beliefs and he is causing what is going to be the death of a free America. No longer do you have your right to privacy or your free speech of even a right to your beliefs. Hell, it was a British newspaper that reported that Obama was spying on Americans. It seems that Obama is starting to take away all of your rights, and we are just sitting around and letting it happen. It seems that, to the Obama administration the biggest enemy is the public itself. He does not treat you as citizens; he treats you as walking time bombs that could, at any minute turn into terrorists. He is restricting our internet and he is using that same internet to spy on you. He does not care for you, but you know what he can do. He can be a great politician. He knows what to say and when to say it. It doesn’t matter what he actually does, it just matters what he says he’ll do. It is for this reason that we keep reelecting him. Not because he is any good, but because he speaks very eloquently. However, history will have a very different memory of Obama. He will be remembered as the president who, with his vast army and resources turned the public into enemy number one.

Image from: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/b4/Obama_logomark.svg/220px-Obama_logomark.svg.png


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