The Immigration Situation

Andrew Harper

Rocky Mount, NC


Immigration in America is a very touchy subject. According to the Department of Homeland Security, in 2012 alone 757,434 people were naturalized and became legal U.S. citizens. But the problem we have now is with the Illegal immigrants, the majority of which come from Mexico looking for job opportunities, and sometimes just government benefits.

Our borders need to be kept in check. We had roughly 11 million illegal immigrants enter the USA in 2010, taking jobs from hardworking Americans and getting benefits that only citizens are entitled to, all the while not paying taxes or helping society. So am I saying I’m against immigration? No. But we need legal immigrants who have had background checks and who have gone through the proper process of becoming a citizen.

So here’s basically what is being proposed in the Senate.

The USA would set up a system to allow illegal immigrants become legal, over time. Set it up for illegals to turn themselves in, pay a penalty and make them start paying income tax. Make sure they learn to speak English. Allow them to continue living and working in the U.S. but WITHOUT any government programs or benefits. After ten years they can become a naturalized citizen assuming they haven’t broken any major laws. This plan allows those who are applying for legal immigration already keep their place in line and not be moved to the back as many on the complete and total amnesty side would have us do.

Our nation was built by immigrants, and I want immigration to thrive. But immigrants should pay taxes just like the rest of us, and make an attempt to come here legally. Not just hop a fence or grab a boat over the border on a whim. We need a safe and secure country and a reasonable immigration system, along with a secure border, will help provide that.

This “Path to citizenship” is surprisingly bipartisan; it’s a compromise between the far-right crowd who want all illegals deported, and the far-left crowd who wants every illegal made a citizen overnight. We need more Bills like this, something that is actually done by both political parties in the best interest of our nation.

Image From: http://americanimmigrationcenter.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/american-immigration-center1.jpg


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