Western Forests, Global Warming, and Managment  

Samuel Dorsey

The Independent Project. Redding, CA


The devastating and recent wildfires that have been affecting the western portion of the United States of America have their causes attributed to drought and global warming. This is undeniable however it is not just Global warming the Federal government and the state forest services are partially to blame. This is evident in that the forests are not being managed appropriately because the agencies have not allowed logging of any kind in many of the areas that are at high risk for fire. The Forest service and the government discourages logging because it is viewed as bad for the environment, however this complete lack of logging causes trees to grow thickly along with the brush that thrives beneath them, making the mismanaged forests hard to navigate and at high risk for fire. So when a fire breaks out and causes huge amounts of damage to the forest and people’s homes drought and global warming are blamed and acts as a further catalyst to discourage logging and forest management.

I do not argue for unregulated logging or clear cutting, no quite the opposite. I say have wise management of the forests done by logging companies and the forest service but have the state and local governments carefully watch how they are managed to ensure our forests are being preserved rather than plundered. As with any issue balance is needed, enough management to keep the forests in check but not so much that the forests are negatively affected or cleared.


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