Rebuttal: “What is the Common Core?”

The Independent Daily

Mohave County, AZ


This is a rebuttal to: What is the Common Core? By Akash Ahuja
This rebuttal is written by The Independent Daily

Nothing has done more to denigrate the quality of education than standardized testing on which far too much time is spent assessing student capabilities in a regimen of Q&A specific to the tests being administered.

Education is Literature, Science, Mathematics, History… From this wellspring of knowledge garnered at a youthful point in life the student may draw upon his or her knowledge in other seemingly disassociated fields, analogizing from a synthesis of those things he or she knows, a response to a given situation or circumstance.

Today’s teachers aren’t educators: they’re proctors in a sea of disenchantment and frustration with the lack of free learning and association being experienced. This is not intellectual growth; it is teaching our children to march in lockstep.

Today’s educational system is designed to further bury our future citizens in ignorance: to keep them from learning from our past so that we may have a more directed world tomorrow. Examples abound, and I have witnessed the regressive nature of what qualifies as learning today to that of 20, 30, 40 years past over my professional life. The result is dismal.

Rari nantes in gurgite vasto. Those very few who survive the educational system of today, whose true life skills and capabilities extend beyond the realm of a specific data set the purpose of which is to answer questions that have little tangibility in life, are the few destined to be our only creative resources as a result. The vast majority who do not will live out their lives as slaves in an economic machine the point of which is to further enrich those who are at the helm.

Education ought to be fundamental and fluid, based on the needs and curiosity of the child, providing basic skills and simultaneously liberating the near-genius or genius specialty within every one of our children.

Too bad the debate continues about testing structure rather than asking the much larger question, “Why are we doing this?”

The United States today has fallen far from her post as international leader in education. Today we rank far below 20th position overall. Cuba – our long-standing political football – ranks first in quality of overall education in the world – along with New Zealand, Finland, Australia and others.

We are 40th or so for those experiencing and completing a college level education, and one need look no further than local news blogs, Facebook, or other media to witness the failure of our secondary educational system.

This debate ought not be, How best to standardize tests, but, How to return to a meaningful curriculum. What an inane experiment this has been: What irreparable harm it has done.

We must let our teachers…teach. Liberate our teachers and you will liberate the minds of our children.


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