Voting Rights

Mayra Zepeda

Bolingbrook, Illinois


Hello there. I’m Mayra Zepeda, a seventeen year old from Emporia, Kansas but now residing in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I bet that this website may get numerous numbers of emails regarding the reason if minors should vote or not.In my opinion, minors should have a say in the government; and that includes voting. If the whole country is being ran by the government with every individual being twenty-five and above, what should happen to everyone and anyone else below that age? Although the legal age to vote is eighteen, why not let the minorities have a say in what happens to them as well? Although I may only be speaking for myself and considerably a few others, I believe we each have a right to vote. If not for the “monstrous” and “intellectual” government that runs the whole country, why not start with the state? For myself, I had no idea about various other elections that I could vote when I am eighteen. Does nobody else teach us or tell us about these? Or does one have to go to extreme lengths to find out? Intellectually, many minorities have the ability and capacity to vote and be logical about it. Shall we let the states decide if the minorites should vote on state issues? If so, we should ALL have a way to find out. Only about fifty-eight percent of adult Americans EIGHTEEN AND OVER voted in the presidential election. Would you like the percent to keep lowering? Let minorities vote. Let them choose for themselves. After all, we are the next generation and we are going to make this country great. All it takes is to know how and when to vote.


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